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Soner Ön
O' Salvation, Deliver Me From Evil!

Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce Soner Ön’s first project with Mixed Greens and his first solo project in New York City. For over two months, Ön will transform the gallery’s windows into a vision of escape and inspiration.

Ön grew up in a Brooklyn neighborhood overrun with crime, drugs and poverty. As a child, he found companionship in the glow of the television, and, more specifically, the magical flashes of light in his favorite cartoons. These halo-esque illuminations could be used to illustrate a religious epiphany, but, in Ön’s case, they act as a metaphor for his literal salvation from the streets outside.

Years later, Ön captured these important moments by photographing the television screen with a long exposure and printing the pictures as Duratrans. The static image is once again illuminated as a beacon of hope when hung in the window and backlit. Lacking any reference to a specific cartoon or character, the beam of light represents Ön’s early experiences worshipping cartoons and the literal deliverance they provided.

Soner Ön lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2004. He’s shown in numerous group shows in and around New York City including Franklin-Peppermint Gallery, Front Room Gallery and White Box. He’s also been included in international exhibitions in London, Zurich, and Istanbul. In 2007, he was awarded a Moon and Stars community grant. Ön is a teaching assistant in the printmaking department at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

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