Our history

In 1999, Paige West founded Mixed Greens to support emerging artists. We were the first curated website to promote and sell artists' work online and through other non-traditional means such as experimental spaces, collector-friendly catalogs, and documentary films. For the past two decades Mixed Greens has maintained a fleet and nuanced response to changes in the artworld and the work that artist are passionate about. In 2005 we launched our premier space in Chelsea and in 2016 we transformed it into both physical and virtual project rooms. Through such efforts, Mixed Greens built a reputation of approachability and inventiveness that proved unique. Our goal was to exhibit work of not only contemporary interest but of lasting historical significance. We aspired to be transparent and accessible, while truly supporting the work of our artists.

What we do

Mixed Green is a platform that promotes emerging artists and educates the public and future collectors while creating a sustainable future for artists and a lifelong attachment for collectors. We maintain a project space in Tribeca where potential collectors can experience emerging art in a real life setting and an online project room which aims to give an in depth view into selected artists' projects. Mixed Greens also sells art online to consumers via its platform. Additional services include identifying potential acquisitions, coordinating gallery and studio visits, framing, shipping, installation, collection management and exhibition loans.

For inquiries please contact us at info@mixedgreens.com.