January 2016

After sixteen years in Chelsea, Mixed Greens has closed. We look back on our history and take great pride in the work we have done with hundreds of exceptional artists. It has been a fun, inspiring, and deeply enriching journey for all of us.

In 1999, Paige West founded Mixed Greens to support emerging artists. We were the first curated website to promote and sell artists’ work online and through other non-traditional means such as experimental spaces, collector-friendly catalogs, and documentary films. Through such efforts, Mixed Greens built a reputation of approachability and inventiveness that proved unique. Our goal was to exhibit work of not only contemporary interest but of lasting historical significance. We aspired to be transparent and accessible, while truly supporting the work of our artists. We hope that we’ve fulfilled our mission.

We thank all of the artists we have had the pleasure to work with over the past sixteen years, many of whom we represented for well over a decade and consider to be family. We thank the curators and collectors who believed in our artists, and we thank all the artists, students, professors, critics, and visitors from around the world who came in to see our shows. As individuals, we will remain friends, co-conspirators, and ardent supporters of the artists we have shown and look forward to new beginnings for everyone.

For inquiries, please email info@mixedgreens.com.