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Meghan LeBorious
Emptiness & Its Implications

Mixed Greens is thrilled to begin 2012 with a window project by Meghan LeBorious. The windows will sparkle with an installation synthesizing drawing and sculpture to create a dynamic web of light.

LeBorious is known for works in sound, video, sculpture, installation, and drawing. She often draws on the history of Western anatomical representation to examine beliefs about body and identity. In recent and ongoing work, she uses scars, breath, blood, and salt to talk about the fragility and strength of the human body and psyche. Personal narratives and interactions with friends and acquaintances often inspire the pieces; and universal themes emerge.

In Emptiness & Its Implications, LeBorious connects the three windows with an abstracted drawing of the circulatory system, including heart, veins, and arteries. The drawing is rendered using thousands of painstakingly cut holes, allowing for light to shine through the black paper. Each hole is then backed with a chandelier crystal, producing the effect of a glimmering drawing that refracts, flickers, and shifts as the viewer walks past. What began as a biological drawing can also be read as a magical apparition relating to fireworks or to the afterimage left by a swirling, romantic gesture.

Blood is a familiar symbol that inspires dozens of associations ranging from trauma and vulnerability to family and love. LeBorious contemplates these and other co-arising relationships to thwart fixed meaning. The resulting delicate, celestial drawing maps a complex system of connections. It is at once aesthetically dense and conceptually layered. In this piece, she celebrates the fine line between fragility and strength through her subject and her materials.

Meghan LeBorious is a Brooklyn-based artist with a BFA from the Museum School in Boston, and an MFA from Queens College. She also received a BA from Tufts University in Art History with a thesis in Feminist Medieval Art History. She has shown widely in Brooklyn at venues including Front Room Gallery, Sideshow Gallery, NURTUREart, Grace Exhibition Space, Fish Tank Gallery, and 31 Grand. She has also shown at numerous venues including the Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY; Takt Kunstprojectaum Galerie, Berlin, Germany; Pro Arts, Jersey City, NJ; The Hecksher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY; Art in General, NY, NY; and Maryland Arts Place, Baltimore, MD. In 2009, she received an NEA grant through Chashama for her window piece “Real Freedom May Look Controlled.”

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