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Kimberly Hennessey
Wandering Itch

Mixed Greens is delighted to present a site-specific window installation by Kimberly Hennessy. This project marks the first time an artist will use the entirety of the window area, incorporating the existing lighting, pipes, and raw details, to create an all-encompassing, site-specific celebration of the flawed space.

Hennessy uses boxes, paper, tape, cardboard, labels, string, and endless detritus to create bold and colorful installations that creep up the walls and spill onto the floor. The varied resources are all found materials and their size and textures vary wildly, however each installation is held together through unconventional associations and peculiar, but exciting logic. Chances are Hennessy’s installations will make you feel as if you have stumbled onto remnants of last night’s party. And yet the dozens of glittering details inspire a sense of wonder and a closer examination of objects with mundane origins and associations.

Hennessy describes her artistic process as one that gives authority to impulses most adults are taught to resist. She catches the ephemera from her daily life and recombines them in the studio to create a loud energy, reminiscent of a ticker tape parade. In addition to the site-specific pieces, Hennessy also constructs small collages that pay homage to people intensely passionate about their hobbies – from bass fisherman to skiers. Regardless of the work’s scale or materials, exuberance is transmitted to the viewer revealing Hennessy’s passion for the materials around her.

Kimberly Hennessy received a BFA from University of Cincinnati in 2006 and an MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2009. Since graduating, she has shown in numerous venues including Proof Gallery, Boston, MA; Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA; Brooklyn Artists Gym, Brooklyn, NY; Downtown Art Center, Los Angeles, CA; Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX; The Contemporary Art Center, Las Vegas, NV; The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH; and Arts Place, Portland, IN. She is included in The Viewing Program at the Drawing Center, NY, NY, and she is the co-curator of Soft SpotGallery online (

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