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Jonathan Feldschuh
Large Hadron Collider

Mixed Greens is pleased to present a site-specific window installation by Jonathan Feldschuh. For Large Hadron Collider, Feldschuh places his interpretive drawing of the famed particle accelerator in our first floor windows, and provides passersby with his imagined view inside the underground tunnel during a particle explosion.

Feldschuh holds a degree in physics and became known for paintings that fuse scientific imagery with abstract expressionist traits. His recent series, The Large Hadron Collider, is no exception, combining architectural renderings of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory with the controlled chaos of paint splatter. Within the subterranean CERN machine (recently credited with observing the theorized “God particle”) protons surge through a tunnel and crash into each other in carefully observed events. The resulting detections are intended to provide answers to long-asked questions about the nature of the universe.

Each piece in the series begins as a sketch of the Collider during its construction phase. Using acrylic and pencil, Feldschuh layers marks and erasures to render large pipes and CERN machinery on both sides of transparent mylar. The piece is finished in true action-painter style by throwing and splashing pigmented liquids across the drawing plane.

The viewer is witnessing the moment of collision in which Feldschuh translates unseen particles as washes of light, spews of color, and droplets of paint in motion. Large Hadron Collider provides viewers with a literal window into the invisible: a celestial event on a human scale.

Jonathan Feldschuh (b. 1964, New York City) is a painter based in New York City. Feldschuh began his studies at Harvard University as a student of physics before pursuing a career as a painter. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Cynthia Broan Gallery (NYC), Vernon Fine Art International (Prague, Czech Republic), and AAAS Gallery (Washington DC). His work has also been included in a variety of renowned venues in recent years including Spaces (Cleveland), Supreme Trading (Brooklyn), and the Louisiana Art & Science Museum (Baton Rouge).

For more information, please visit jonathanfeldschuh.com.

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