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Brian Jobe
Tuft vs. Turf


May 8 - Jul 3, 2009

Mixed Greens is thrilled to announce Brian Jobe’s first project with Mixed Greens and his first solo project in New York City. Since the fall of 2008, Mixed Greens’ exterior windows have functioned as a project space. This time the installation will move beyond the windows, to highlight the fire escape.

Jobe’s Tuft vs. Turf series uses industrial zip-ties to cover surface elements of preexisting objects. His Minimalist approach to mark-making utilizes these brightly colored, mass-produced ties in a repetitive, controlled, and obsessive manner. Thousands of tightly queued plastic ties emphasize otherwise overlooked structures, such as a log of rotting timber, a roadside marker, or even an iron cattle guard.

For this installation, Jobe re-imagines the Mixed Greens fire escape (on the façade of the gallery building) as an architectural element recently overtaken by this industrial “growth.” It is as if a yellow moss crept over the structure in a sneak attack. However, Jobe’s unnaturally occurring organism is non-threatening. Much like Nina Katchadourian’s Uninvited Collaborations with Nature, Tuft vs. Turf (Fire Escape) achieves playful results.

Brian Jobe received his MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2006. He has exhibited in various venues throughout San Antonio, Texas, including solo shows at Joan Grona Gallery, McNay Art Museum, and Three Walls Gallery. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions at the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center. Jobe currently lives and works in New York City.

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