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Ashok Sinha
Exacting Proportion

Mixed Greens is pleased to announce a site-specific window installation by Ashok Sinha. In his first solo project in New York City, he will use two of Mixed Greens’ exterior windows to remind passersby of the vast horizon beyond New York’s urban landscape.

Once Sinha visited the top of the Empire State Building in September of 2007, his view of the world changed. In his own words: “I wanted to document a view of the world that put the scale of our communities in perspective. We often lose ourselves in the world surrounding us and fail to realize civilization is limiting, even at its best. Only under the prism of a collective horizon can we evoke the constraints of our existence, and better understand the delicate balance that exists between us and the universe that we all share.”

After abandoning a career in corporate America, Sinha travels the world as an editorial photographer, publishing photos in magazines and newspapers across the globe. As he moves from country to country, he captures images of disparate and often remote cultures as well as their natural environments. While many of the images are intended for mass publication, Sinha’s exploration of place has led him to record multiple series as a fine artist.

One such series, Exacting Proportion, reminds the viewer of the immense sky to which very few people have access in Manhattan. While the two images chosen for the installation are of Cairo, Egypt, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, viewers could confuse them for photographs taken in the United States, perhaps even as close as Manhattan and Long Island. Sinha’s work points to environmental and cultural similarities between all of us, while also taking delight in the colorful differences. The images are earnest, contemplative, and peaceful, with an inescapable hint of humor, positioning humankind as tiny in such a large universe.

Ashok Sinha, born in Calcutta, India, now lives and works in New York City. His photography has been published in numerous sources including,, The Irish Times, and Photo District News. He was the BBC travel photographer of the year in 2007 and a finalist for the UK’s travel photographer of the year in 2009. In 2010 he was a PDN World in Focus category winner. His photography has also been featured in group exhibitions “Artists for Advocacy” in New York City; “The Work Office” through the LMCC Swing Space program in New York City; and “WoRK” at the New Orleans Photo Alliance in Louisiana. He lectures regularly at B&H in New York City.

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