UB Reporter, July 30, 2015
UB artist finds terrible beauty in Niagara Falls’ toxic past by Lauren Newkirk Maynard

Ground Zero, February 28, 2015
Joan Linder's drawings find art in the everyday by Kent Wolgamott

Times Union, November 12, 2014
Sweating the Details by Amy Griffin

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Art Critical Pick: Joan Linder at Mixed Greens by David Brody

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Doing the Dishes, by Charlie Schultz, May 6, 2011
It Figures: The human body finds its way into paintings, sculptures by Colin Dabkowski

Incident Report, No. 37, 2010
Incident No.37: Joan Linder Junk Mail Drawings

The L Magazine, January 2-16, 2008
Art Fag City: Art on the Cheap by Paddy Johnson

The New York Times, November 25, 2007
Rediscovering Drawing, the Forgotten Art by Benjamin Genocchio

Newsday, November 27, 2007
Joan Linder's "Of Bodies and Buildings" at Dowling by Ariella Budick

The Art Newspaper, October 12, 2007
Year_07: Second edition moves to County Hall by H.S. and J.K.

Art On Paper, March/April 2006
Joan Linder at Mixed Greens by Merrily Kerr

Time Out New York, October 13-19, 2005
5 Projects by Eugenie Tsai