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Paris-Scope: Sookoon Ang

Your Love is Like a Chunk of Gold

“Nothing could be more familiar than love. Nothing else eludes us so completely.”
—Jeanette Winterson

Sookoon Ang returns to Projective City with an immense solo project. Utilizing the unique exhibition space to its full potential, Ang transforms her typically small and delicate sculpture into a colossal new experience.

A loaf of bread, banal and dull, grows ever older in the middle of the gallery. As it ages, its inner forces slowly begin to transform it: We’re all familiar with the phenomena of mold. Yet here the bread produces an immense crystalline structure instead, the clean chemical opposite of a mold spore. This juxtaposition of the simple and familiar with the strange and beautiful is complicated further by the bread’s fundamental importance as a source of sustenance and the crystals’ relative lack of utility. Elegant and poetic, Ang gently blows a spark of natural wonder into the necessary breadness of life, encouraging us, perhaps, to think that daily magic is just as important as daily bread. Taken in conjunction with the works’ title, the piece is even more potent. As Winterson reminds us, love IS both familiar and elusive, banal and brilliant, necessary and superfluous. Or put another way, hard to gain and hard to hold.

Sookoon Ang has exhibited very widely throughout Europe, Asia, and the US, most recently at Art Incubator 4 in Singapore and Absurdistan at OV Gallery in Shanghai, China. She has participated in residencies around the world, including the ISCP, the Vermont Studio Center, and the Changdong National Art Studio in Seoul. She currently bakes her bread in both Singapore and Brussels.

Paris-Scope is curated by Projective City and is on view at Mixed Greens.

For more information, please visit sookoonang.com

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