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Julianne Swartz

Bubble Portraits Portfolio

June 1 - 25, 2005

Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their first show with Julianne Swartz. This exhibition marks the first time that Julianne will exclusively show photography.

In her portfolio of "Bubble Portraits", Julianne documents enormous bubbles blown into the summer air of Art Omi’s International Artists’ Residency. As a resident, Julianne initiated a social performance where she and her fellow artists blew oversized soap bubbles. Documenting the performative act became an attempt to capture and preserve the instant of a bubble's brief life span.

Rainbows, light, landscape and the energy of the moment are all captured on the surface of an ephemeral soap bubble. Through reflection of the land, the sun and the clouds, some of the bubbles identify a specific time and a specific place. However, none of the free-floating bubbles have a direct relationship with the earth. The loving perspective of the artist and the serenity of the sky mitigate the tension leading to the bubble's imminent pop. With her camera lens, Julianne was able to capture the lifespan of that moment when the bubble was still aloft--weightless yet tangible.

Julianne has received considerable acclaim over the last few years. Recent shows include "Partial Excavation (in pink)" at Angles Gallery in Los Angeles (2005), "Currents" at Colby College in Maine (2004), "Counter Culture" at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (2004) and the "2004 Whitney Biennial." She has also shown at Artist's Space, The Palm Beach ICA, PS1 Museum of Art and the Bronx Museum. She is currently showing "Elevator Music 4" at the Tang Museum. Since 1999, Julianne Swartz has published portfolios of her photographs with Mixed Greens. She is also represented by Josee Bienvenu Gallery.

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