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Group Exhibition: Print Portfolio 2005

August 3 - 27, 2005

Artists: Rob Conger, Joan Linder, Giles Lyon, Stas Orlovski, Lamar Peterson, Julianne Swartz

Mixed Greens is pleased to exhibit their 2005 print portfolio. For the month of August, all six prints will be on display, together for the first time.

The Mixed Greens print portfolio is a complex and diverse set of six prints created by six different artists. The only constraints given to the artists were the size of the paper (22 x 30 inches) and the range of printing processes available to them at the Lower East Side Printshop. Each artist tackled the opportunity in a very different way and the end results are all unique and surprising, yet consistent with their current bodies of work. This opportunity inspired each artist to broaden his or her vocabulary and develop imagery to make an interesting and masterful print.

Rob Conger, Giles Lyon and Lamar Peterson all used silkscreen to create their prints. Joan Linder chose etching. Julianne Swartz chose photogravure and Stas Orlovski combined etching, intaglio and woodblock printing to create an amazingly rich surface. While all the prints are in an edition of 75, each has its own character and presence.

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