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Alyson Shotz


June 1 - 25, 2005

Mixed Greens is pleased to announce their first project with Alyson Shotz. For this exhibition, Alyson attached thousands of clear glass beads together to create a large net-like structure.

Alyson has an ongoing interest in blurring the boundaries between nature and technology. In this piece, a mathematician's grid, a spider's web, dew drops and a computer rendering of outer space are experienced simultaneously. Her work expands the viewer's perception of light, form and space through simple materials and the repetition of forms.

For years, Alyson has created work that successfully challenges cultural perceptions of what is natural. Using the most unnatural of materials, she creates intricate sculptures, paintings and photographs that mimic generally accepted tropes of what nature is supposed to be. As a result, her work inspires conversations about accepted misconceptions of nature and the human order that is placed upon those things considered to be natural. The multiple readings of each organic form create a long-lasting interest in Alyson's work.

Alyson Shotz has an extensive and impressive resume. Her solo show at the Aldrich Museum will continue through June 22, 2005. Other solo shows include "The Shape of Space" at Rice University (2004) and "A Slight Magnification of Altered Things" at the Tang Teaching Museum (2003). Notable group shows include "Needful Things..." at the Cleveland Museum of Art (2004), "Yard..." at Socrates Sculpture Park (2003), "Larger than Life..." at the Susquehanna Museum (2003), "Mirror, Mirror" at Mass MOCA (2002), "Pastoral Pop" at the Whitney Museum Philip Morris (2000) and "Greater New York" at PS1 (2000). Her work is in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

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