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Adia Millett

Pre-Fabricated Innocence

May 4 - 28, 2005

Mixed Greens is pleased to announce an exhibition of new miniatures and photographs by Adia Millett. This will be Adia’s first solo exhibition in New York and Mixed Green’s first exhibition in their new space.

To inaugurate Mixed Greens' new gallery at 531 West 26th Street, we chose Adia Millet’s ambitious miniature project. This new body of work includes eight miniature buildings modeled after brick housing units in Chicago and over a dozen corresponding photographs. Each house is handcrafted at a one-inch to one-foot scale and consists of an upper and lower floor with only one room on each floor.

In Adia’s own words, "Here is where art steps off of the canvas and into the bedroom of some complete stranger, where the viewer can become the art. I attempt to promote a space where site specificity, found objects, craft, concept and form create a dialogue for characters to develop and memories resurface." In every room, Adia invests everyday objects with an unsettling, undefined significance. Always void of inhabitants, each space includes conflicting signifiers that leave the view (the voyeur) to rely on his or her fears, desires and politics to create a narrative.

Always placed in a darkened room, the building's lit windows become the focal point and draw the viewer in with their warm light. Through her photography, Adia takes the perspective of the viewer and peers through the tiny windows. Her camera becomes the eye of the voyeur and every shot is a stolen moment.

Adia Millett will be featured in the upcoming "Greater New York" show at PS1 in Long Island City. In the past she has exhibited at the Barbican Gallery, London (2004), The California African American Museum, Los Angeles (2003), The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City (2003), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Atlanta (2003), The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York City (2002) and the Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica (2001). She is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2003) and an Artists-in-Residence Fellowship from The Studio Museum in Harlem (2002).

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